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How to Promote a Mobile App?

2015-02-16 10:00

The idea that we have put in the title is worthy of an entire book. Today, both advertising and marketing of mobile applications have already formed an organized industry. There are falls and failures, cases and stars here. We are not going to tell you about all the tools and approaches of promotion applications in a single article. However, we will share the secrets of how to get the most benefits from the presentation of the application in blogs, reviews and communities. This simple "lifehack" will allow you getting more downloads of placing the review of your app.

As you know, LotCat allows you combining all your application markets into a single link.

Haven’t we forgotten anything?

This gives a perfect opportunity of earning credits in a system that will help you promoting your apps for free. More about this you can read in our post “How to Get Free Installs for Mobile App?” Just add a link to the version available in the market, and you get one link. This link will help you creating a QR-code.

QR-code in a single click

LotCat allows you specifying the desired size of the QR-code. Believe me, in this case, size does matter.

After some simple procedures, in less than a minute you can place the resulting code at the picture to your article.

KISSmetrics studies show that publications with photos get 53% more «likes», 104% more comments and 84% more clicks. Today, visualization is the trend. Due to it, the audience of social networks has shown unprecedented growth. We first of all talk about image-oriented networks such as Instagram, Pinterest (Now you know where to dig?). Huge entertainment communities also do not lag behind. In the description of each of them you will 100% find a recommendation to post content with pictures.

If we effectively put QR-code in the image, it will replace six links. Users will definitely admire it. A certain percentage of readers are starting to scan it directly from the screen right now.

Burger King is an expert in effective promoting

If you show a little more creativity, you can increase this percentage. In our post «Promote Your Mobile App Offline», you will see a photo taken two years ago. And it also has a QR-code. It's funny that so far a website that is hidden in this code gets curious visitors.

Come up with your own version and send us the case. We will publish the most interesting and successful results in our blog. 

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