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How to Get Free Installs for Mobile App?

2015-02-09 10:05

Mobile apps have already repeated the development of usual websites. Webmasters of 1990th certainly remember how little it needed to attract visitors and gather some audience. In those times it was enough to create a web-site, fill it with content and publish a few links in catalogues. And on the next day you could only enjoy the number of visitors of you website.


The first mobile apps also did not especially need all round ad campaign. When an audience increased, so did the number of apps. Everybody understands today, that even if you created

Lamborghini in the world of applications, it would not go anywhere without petrol (promotion – in our case).


Chris Brown is sad on the hood of Lamborghini


The effective promotion of mobile apps depends on the necessary expenditures for the purchase of advertising, motivated and unmotivated installs, and social networks. There are also free methods. We would better call them – attempts. For example, you can send news about your app to related websites and blogs, hoping that the editor will like it. Fortunately, sometimes the news is really "catchy", but oftener we find ourselves in a situation when a free method turns into the same paid method.


LotCat solves several problems for both publishers and application developers at once. The most obvious problem is the reduction of the number of links - the ability to create one link to all markets. Here you can also add and the system of analytics.


However, the main idea of the service is an opportunity of free apps marketing because of the conversion of traffic from the platform for which you do not have appropriate versions of application. How does this work?


How to Promote an App Using LotCat?


Suppose you have created an application for the Android platform and placed it on Google Play Market. You have added a link from Play Market to LotCat and got a short link and QR-Code. Now you may put this link in advertising, share it both on websites and in the reviews. If an Android user comes to you, he/she can download your application and become absolutely happy. What to do if your user has iPhone, Windows or Blackberry gadget?


Earlier, you would surely have lost such users immediately. LotCat allows a user with another platform checking out both the “Coming soon” page and ad blocks from other apps. Every click on the block gives you credits. They will help you promoting your app.


Therefore, you will not lose the traffic from platforms for which you haven’t got apps yet. You can convert all traffic for promoting your apps.


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