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Promote Your Mobile App Offline

2015-02-01 10:00

It is more or less clear what to do with mobile apps to involve online audience. However, promoting online service offline raises many questions. Meanwhile, every day absolutely the same potential audience of your apps walks along the streets, eats in restaurants, reads newspapers and magazines, and watches television. Those days when Internet users were some particular caste had gone long ago. Now they can be found everywhere, including offline.

Smartphones and tablets have already made this task much easier. Currently, many users carry Internet in their pockets. We can only offer them an entry point. This door leads to the application. The technology of QR-codes allows us going to the appropriate link on the Internet from offline. Such a code can be printed on the booklet, cup, or billboard. It can also be shown on TV, or, for example, carved on the tombstone.

Photo: REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Such gravestones were introduced in Japan a few years ago. In 2013, they appeared in Europe. On the photo: a German bricklayer who engraved a QR-code on the tombstone on request of Austrian funeral home. You can visit the website of this company even from this picture. But the main idea is that using a QR code you can get all the information about the deceased, as well as to know his/her biography.

Why LotCat?

In LotCat we laid the following main principle. One link is a QR-code. A link determines the user's mobile device platform and immediately switches it to the appropriate market. What to do if you have created an app not for all platforms? Just read the article «How to Get Free Installs for Mobile App?».

LotCat solves the main problem in advertising campaigns of QR-mobile apps. Previously, you had to make a separate QR-code for each platform. Moreover, you also had to place all the codes on the advertising media. Now all markets are located on one QR-code.

A sandy QR-code from the Japanese company Japan Trends. It is also clickable.

How to Track Mobile App Effectiveness offline?

For example, you want to create a digital-advertising campaign that will either contain a mobile app or just promote an app. In this case LotCat will keep users from other platforms, as well as see the full statistics and traffic sources. Thus, you will get a clear analysis of the effectiveness of a particular app advertising offline. It was impossible to do before. It is needless to say that it optimizes the advertising costs and allows you selecting the channel location with the highest conversion.

And you will surely get amazing results. For example, you will get to know that users with Android gadgets download your application in the subway, and a booklet in the restaurant attracts Apple fans. But this is only a speculation. Could you tell us about your successes? We will surely publish the most interesting cases in our blog! 


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